Monogamy Is Unrealistic- Hollywood Star Nick Cannon Explain With Tangible Reasons.

Actor and musician Nick Cannon has disclosed that monogamy is a thing of the mind and he does not expect it from anyone.

According to Nick who has seven children with different women, it is unrealistic to expect that someone is going to love you for all eternity.

“When you’re talking about monogamy, monogamy is usually sex… I’m only for you, you only for me. I just don’t feel like that’s a truth of mine… I don’t even expect that of the young lady.”

He says he sure would be willing to do anything for a lady but at a point, that love fades away and the glue just do not stick.

He said: “I know things happen. Hopefully, I can continue to give you all your heart desires, but it’s gonna be a point where those chemicals ain’t gelling like they were at some moment.”

He says in light of that and many other reasons, he does not expect monogamy from women he has been with.

Written by April

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