Beverly Afaglo Goes On A Rant As She Partly Blames the Fire Service For Their Incompetence.

Yesterday was a red letter day of actress Beverly Afaglo and singer Choirmaster. Their house gut fire and they lost everything as a result of that.

Beverly says she is down to zero and the only property she owes now is the clothes she stepped out with.

She says her two children, her nanny and mother are safe and thankful that the unfortunate incident did not result in tragic casualty.

Narrating, she says when the fire service people came to the scene; they wasted a lot of time as they were not even equipped with the ideal tools to quench the fire, adding that had it not been, they could have at least quenched the fire faster.

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Her colleagues have since reached out to her, sympathizing with her and wishing her light and love.

Written by April

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