World Tiniest Baby Born With The Size Of An Apple Discharged After Spending A Year In The Hospital

A baby born to Singaporean parents believed to be the world smallest baby as she was born at 212Kg, merely the weight of a small sized apple has been discharged.

She was reportedly born 4 months earlier as her mother suffered pre-eclampsia. He has spent a year at the hospital and has now been discharged home.

She now weighs 6.3kg. Against the odds, with health complications present at birth, she has inspired a person around her with her, perseverance and growth, which makes her an extraordinary “Covid-19″ baby – a ray of hope amid turmoil,” the hospital said in a statement.

Before this one, the record holder was a girl in the US who weighed 245g at birth in 2018.

Congratulations to the happy family.

Written by April

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