The New Lord of Afrobeats in Ghana, Shugalord, Gives a Scintillating Performance on Urbanroll

The new Lord of Afrobeats music,Shugalord, has put out a beautiful performance of his hit single, Weakness. During his session on Urbanroll, ShugaLord seized the opportunity to give his fans a different perspective of his Weakness hit song originally produced by Liquid Beatz.

The Kri8 Music signee, took this opportunity to showcase his impeccable writing skill, his flawless composition and melifluent voice which most of his fans love him for. Shugalord’s performance on Urbanroll only cements his title as the new Afrobeats Lord in Ghana. Over a short period after his introduction into the music scene, Shugalord hnas not olnly served us with Weakness, but other much enjoyed masterpiece like Medie, Shakara, Fantasy to mention a few.

Shugalord commented after his seesion on urbanroll that “Im not new to performances like this, im great with both live band and acoustic sessions. Also because of my ability to operate the instruments its easy to vibe with tunes regardless. of course i constantly rehearse and put up mini perormances at Kri8 lounge so my session on Urbanroll was just another day and platform to showcase my skills.”

Click on the link to enjoy Shugalord’s performnace at Urbanroll:

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