GOT Star Kit Harrington Talks About His Mental Health Battles After The End Of The Show

Game of Thrones star, Kit Harrington who won hearts with the role he played as Jon Snow has disclosed that he battled mental health issues after the end of the show.

According to him, he believes it had a lot to do with the show and how he had gotten used to it over the years.

Speaking, he says the show had directly affected him as he had been shooting it for years and so he decided to take a year break. Kit says he couldn’t be happier that he did.

 “I went through some mental health difficulties after Thrones and during the end of Thrones, to be honest. I think it’s directly to do with the nature of the show and what I’ve been doing for years. I think I took a sort of a break after Thrones… I didn’t want to work for a year… I’m really happy I did that.”

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