Bisa Kdei Says He Is Loved And Celebrated In Cote D’Ivoire And Other French Speaking Countries

Highlife singer Bisa Kdei seems unbothered by how Ghanaians celebrate him in the country.

Bisa says his career is not dead as lots of Ghanaians are claiming because he is wildly celebrated in Ivory Coast.

In Ivory Coast they worship me and when it comes to music they really like all my songs so I always make myself available anytime they need me.”

He tells Amansan Krakye that Ghanaians who travel into that country can attest that he is speaking the truth.

He adds that, he has performed several times in French speaking countries because they really love and appreciate his craft.

“Most of the people from Ghana who travel to other African countries know that I’m highly exalted in Ivory Coast.

The French people do show me love so I was invited to go and perform and I’ve been there several times with this being my fourth time.”

Written by April

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