Justin Bieber Shares Comforting Words with Simone Biles In The Wake Of Countless Backlashes For Pulling Out From Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

US Olympian gymnast Simone Biles have been massively trending ever since she pulled out from the on-going Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Simone has explained that, there is a need to take care of her mental health and that is why she decided to pull out.

Nonetheless, she has received backlashes from people, expressing their disgust for her merely because she decided to put herself first.

Justin Bieber is not one of them and has reached out to her with comforting words.

In a long post, he tells Simone he understands that no one would be able to fathom the kind of pressure she goes through on daily basis but he is proud of her for opting out to take care of herself.


Written by April

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