Becca Applauded For Landing A Spot For Her Stepson At Bayern Munich Youth Academy

Becca’s stepson with her husband, Tobi Sanni is on his way to pay with Bayern Munich, according to sources.

The eldest son of Tobi has just signed the a deal with the Bayern youth academy and the announcement was done by Becca herself.

The excited singer wrote that, Tobi and his son are her favourite boys with a video of Tobi and the boy walking through the doors of Bayern in Germany.

The deal reportedly was brokered by Ghanaian footballing icon Osei Kuffour who played for the team for decades.

It appears he added his voice and his close affiliation with Becca won the young champ, whose name has been given as Matai a chance in the team.


Social media has been buzzing since with the many congratulating the young champ and the others, claiming that Samuel Osei Kuffour is bias and Matai probably would not have gotten in had it not been him.

Congratulations are in order.

Written By April Pfeiffer

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