No Pressure album is for open-minded good music lovers; A Tilly Akua Nipaa Review

Anyone close to me knows that my one regret would have been meeting Sarkodie for the first time and he wouldn’t know who I was, so I put in the work, I worked so hard I told my Boss that, the first day I meet Sark, he will call me by my name. Seems like im romanticizing it, but yeah, I’ve been a lover of good music, consistency and purity and who else has been a complete embodiment of that aside from Sarkodie? First of all, when I got the invite from Angel the day before the listening, it felt surreal, paused a minute to appreciate what it meant then I whispered to myself “this is it”.

No Pressure album has been one that has got the nation anticipating for what’s next from an iconic figure in the space, and to be selected to go listen was cool. I could tell you what went into getting me ready for the event but that’s not why we are here, lets talk about NO Pressure Album Listening.

For some time I always wondered how Sarkodie was able to starve the media with his presence for so long, yet seem to be the favorite of the media, POLITICS, he plays it impeccably, everyone in the space of the listening was carefully selected for a purpose. Right from his entry to the venue, there was a handshake and a brief conversation with every guest, a subtle way of reechoing to each guest that “you are here for a purpose”.

After warmly and patiently welcoming each of his guests, we all proceeded into the urban feel Adidas store for the listening of the album. For a minute, I felt someone may be stubborn ad probably record the unreleased songs off the album, but it seems he was right about his guest, we all accorded him that respect. DJ Mensah had a way of both feeding and starving us at the same time, playing bits of each song, a real cliffhanger, if you have closure problems, trust me this event was not for you. lool. The listening was to pique our interest in the album, and it was well achieved.

Most of the time, as a Presenter, certain conversations have been hard to have with some artists because they are not heavy on culture. But you can’t blame them because what eludes us as a country has been culture, I mean rich preserved culture which cuts into the various facets of our lives, including the arts industry. No stories to tell, but with each song being introduced, Sarkodie had a ‘CULTURE’ to share.

The cornucopia of brilliance, details, excellence, and meticulously put together lyrics, beats, and stories on the album are beautiful. No Pressure album is not the usual, it is a step ahead! Ghana, and especially the core fanbase of Sarkodie, should be opened to the tremendous new sounds to be introduced in the incoming album; every type of Sarkodie fan will have his share including the worshippers! An eclectic body of work, masterfully put together with no pressure to satisfy the diverse open-minded good music lovers. The album is heavy on rap, both serious, comic, Singing and something for the ladies, lovers, and commercial purposes.

Hopefully, after the album drops, there will be a sit-down with Sarkodie for a thorough perusal of the album and ‘other matters’. All should be ready for the No Pressure album, on the 3oth and if you still nervously waiting, just click on the link below to enjoy some released songs off the album:

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