Stop Trolling Prophet Badu Kobi for His Failed Prophecies- Prophecies Stand To Be Averted After All

The founder and leader of Glorious Wave Chapel International, Prophet Badu Kobi has been in the grips of social media folks since Sunday all because what he prophesized, unfortunately, could not become a passing reality.

Two of his prophecies on football have failed but he could not be bothered about it, stating that he knows the God he serves.

Earlier, the man of God prophesized that Brazil was going to win the Copa America title by beating Argentina, as fate would have it; Lionel Messi saved his country and led his team to win against Brazil.

He further prophesized before the Euro 2020 finale that England would beat Italy to take the cup home.

In his very own words, he said; “Today, England will beat Italy. That is the work of a prophet…to keep saying what God is saying,” 

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After a 1-1 score for both countries, Italy won by beating England in the penalty kick.

People have been on his case since with guys who gambled on the back of his prophecy making threatening to burn down his church.

Badu Kobi has remained non-committal but a lady claiming to be his daughter has asked the naysayers to leave her father alone.

According to her, her father is a prophet of God and not a village herbalist.

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She maintains that prophecies do not seek to predict the future but to change the present, adding that, prophecies can be averted.

If prophecies about deaths and haplessness can be changed, why can a positive one not be changed to is her plausible question to the trolls?

Story by Anita Pyper

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