Slim Teas, Waist Trainers, Yvonne Nelson and Ignorance is Bliss

Aside from the fact that Yvonne Nelson has beautiful enviable legs, she is known for how vocal she is, how brave her voice, how great of an actress she and also, her tendencies to speak out the truth regardless of how bitter it is.

Yvonne Nelson is not one who fears criticisms and she has proved it when she made a bold statement that has gotten the media space reeling with the lot feeling offended.

Yvonne Nelson took to her Twitter page to advise young ladies to stay away from slimming teas and waist trainers because it would do them more harm than good.

According to her, all those promoting slimming tea and waist trainers are scammers because it does not work.

Her stance is that the only thing that can aid you in achieving that presumed perfect body is a doctor, your mother, or constant exercise.

She Tweeted;

She wrote: “Before we go to church, lemme say this…baby gyal, no slimming tea/waist trainer is gonna give you no TAPOLI / snatched body, stop letting these companies/influencers fool you. Two people, a doctor or your mum, and one place, the gym can give you that body.”

As expected, people on the gram are catching feelings especially the many that have a penchant for using such products with Gambian doll Princess Shyngle leading the pack.

A Nigerian socialite and brand influencer, Uriel has reacted to Yvonne’s claims. She says she had initially decided not to respond to it but people have been tagging her in the post merely because she sells such products.

Uriel says she has used tried slimming teas and waist trainers and the brand she uses works perfectly for her so she cannot fathom the angle Yvonne Nelson is coming from.

Her Post below: )

Yvonne has since not responded. There are lots of ladies who have incorporated waist trainers and slimming teas in their lifestyle.

Uriel is out rightly disagreeing with Yvonne Nelson but that is her opinion and as they say, opinions are like noses and everyone has one.

Story by Anita Pyper

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