“I’m not Okay with Dopenation”.- Kwesi Arthur

“I’m not Okay with Dopenation”.- Kwesi Arthur

Kwesi Arthur has on an interview expressed his displeasure with the music duo, Dopenation. 

Known for a controversy free music career, it seems Kwesi Arthur doesn’t mind making the trends over his displeasure with his colleagues, Dopenation whom he said offended him in the past.

Speaking from a place of pain, Kwesi Arthur narrated how the twins  lied on his name and how he felt about it. According to him, his music and brand is all he’s got, which is why there is no one he is going to front if anyone says anything that can make him lose that. Emphasizing on it, Kwesi Arthur said “if you take my brand away, I have nothing, so for you to do that, I am not cool.”

However he agrees to work with them in future if the record was good and deserved he puts his very on, how every he did not hesitate to make his ill feelings for them known.

Kwesi Arthur is currently promoting his new song featuring Vic Mensah, Winning:

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