“My Love For Kwadee is For Life”.- Quick Action

The Story of Legendary Musician Okomfour Kwadee can never be told without the mention of names like Producer Quick Action. While narratives have gone against Quick Action, it seem the producer is unperturbed.

Speaking to Oneplay Africa on his take on the just ended birthday bash for the Musician, Okomfour Kwadee, Quick Action expressed how excited he was and how it gave him a taste of their good old days together.

Touching on allegations leveled against him over the years for being a bad influence to the artist, he said that he loved him genuinely as a brother and nothing said about him will affect his love for him and theirs was for life and a true agape love for his brother.

He stressed that, if he harbors ill feelings against Kwadee for rumors peddled about him, then it means he never loved him in the first place. Which is why he is praying for his full recovery and a possible comeback.

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