“A Love Letter to Efya”.- Tilly Akua Nipaa

I tried putting together words to express how I felt sometime back about a guy I couldn’t get out of my mind. After putting all the words together I noticed it didn’t make sense not convey the feeling I felt within.

Then suddenly like a fairy godmother attending to the needs of her goddaughter with alacrity I heard the words

Come closer let me feel your vibe

I know you wanna put it down on me

Boy hurry we don’t have much time

And let’s not waste it, oh yeah (me know that)”

Stunned by the voice delivering the exact words and message I’ve been trying to put together for hours, I noticed after 

I can see what you’ve been thinkin’ through your eyes

Feelin’ like you won a lottery tonight

Papi you gon’ have to run away your side

You’re the only one on my mind tho…”

that such mellifluous voice could only belong to the songstress Efya. Lyrically the lady is dynamite. Composition of songs like Whoman Woman….. Only explains why she has remained in the music game and started relevant for over a decade.

Her vocal ability that allows her to play in ranges most musicians won’t dare to try is what makes artists like Sarkodie and Edem rush to her for songs like Saara, Favor, I’m in love with you, where did I go wrong to mention a few.


I remember an interview I had with DJ Cuppy where she expressed that Efya has one of her favorite voices in Africa. There was no lie detected there. Jane Awindor has always been the Queen of Vocals.

Also, It seems her performance on stage even gets better with age. At her recent performance Somewhere in Ghana with Omahlay and Sarkodie’s Blacklove concert not forgetting her live band performance at UTV, she reminded uthe world why she is Queen. To me, when we speak of national assets in Ghana’s music industry, Efya can not be left out! 

Today I celebrate Efya for perfectly encapsulating how I feel with her good music The One.

Written by Tilly Akua Nipaa

Twitter @tillyakuanipaa

Instagram @tillyakuanipaa

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