Watch: Akupem Poloo helps little boy sleeping on the street; fans hail her

Akuapem Poloo has been hailed for being a Good Samaritan to a homeless kid on the streets of Accra. 

The actress who was driving town spotted the homeless kid sleeping on the ground at the road side where he has no shade from the scorching sun. Akuapem Poloo in the video could be heard saying that “see where a child is lying by the roadside, oh my God. See he is not dead o, people are passing by him”.

The actress then called on a passerby to wake the boy for her and she called to the car to gift him cash. Handing out the money to the boy she said “take” and he replied “thank you” before she added that “don’t sleep there again, go and eat”.

Please watch the video below:

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