How a Nigerian Artist Winning a Grammy Exposed Ghanaians, Samini & Media – A George Wiredu Duah Story.

Most of the times we hear people say that our artistes are not United and we disregard . 

That line has come up so many times that it is gradually becoming a popular sentence in our music space. 

The call for unity among Ghanaian artistes has come from all angles, Fans, Media, executive producers and even investors. 

Some times as a patriotic Ghanaian, we defend our artistes by saying they are United and lack of unity is every where in the world but for some strange reason, that comment of our artistes are not together might just be true. 

Ghanaian artistes are not United and they don’t love each other. 

The act to do it first and block others from attaining the same feet is what is driving our music business into the gutters. 

It took only one Nigerian win at the Grammys to expose our music industry. Burna Boy and wiz kid winning a Grammy has brought up so many conversations in our space that we thought never existed. 

So apparently Samini is keeping a certain pain for Stonebwoy all these years and no one knew? 

Also, apparently, Ghanaians as a whole have been waiting to mock our own stars for not winning a a Grammy? Something we do often at the least chance we get.

Finally,  our artistes have their own meaning of what is called music success and we didn’t know? 

Why am I raising all these points, I am doing so because I was expecting that as as Ghanaians we will congratulate our own artistes who have gone so close to winning a Grammy, like Shatta Wale. 

Instead of us to see the pride in the fact that our own got close, we however decided to use the opportunity to mock and call them names. 

I have said it often times that if we don’t cancel this fanaticism thing in Ghana, a lot of hard work will go un-noticed. 

Recently Epixode was featured on a top rated world album which went number 1 on Amazon music but it had no talk-ability. Also Stonebwoy got to work with Sean Paul for the second time and he has done so many works with other Grammy winning artistes yet we hardly praise such achievements. 

This is how the world will begin to see us now. It took only one Grammy award for us as Ghanaians to wash our dirty clothes in public. 

Let’s us continue to dirty ourselves in public (not to say that others don’t do it ) and forget that as we waste time to mock each other, the rest of the world will be looking for new opportunities. 

Once again let me say that A Grammy is not far away from any Ghanaian artist. 

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