Lekzy Decomic is the Most Fashionable Comedian In Ghana

Lekzy Decomic is the Most Fashionable Comedian In Ghana

Lekzy Decomic, like many creative arts practitioners seem to have had a full grasp and understanding of his craft, knowing that his brand does not only depend on him delivering funny punches on stage.

Since the last quarter of 2020 in to 2021, in spite of the blow covid gave the comedy industry, Lekzy was still able to stay relevant on social media, especially Facebook, using the free time on his hand to switch up his brand.

In recent times, the Comedian has been more particular about the kind of image he puts out or create for his brand. His fashion and style has been one that can not be over looked in these clean photos. Either the comedian has got a new stylist who is up to the task, or is taking the brand to a new level.

Either in African Print, Suit, T Shirt, the comedian looks all spruced up with little or no room for fashion errors. Not just on social media, lekzy’s appearance on stage always leaves his audience astounded, not just for the rib cracking jokes but also for his exquisite fashion sense.

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