Grammy Nominated Bankuli showers praise on King Promise + Hints on his Fourth Studio Album – this is All We Know

Not just  a singer, King Promise is loaded with unending melodies  in his pouch – words of Bankuli, Grammy nominated. 

Bankuli is a musician, A&R, Fashion and vocalist who is linked with Kanye West. 

The Nigerian who was also on Beyoncé’s Lion king 2019 project could to hide his joy when he got an exclusive listen to King Promise’s fourth studio album. 

Even though Bankuli did not give too much away when comes to King Promise album, Bankuli did disclose that the album will be melodious. 

Bankuli tweeted: 

We got super excited because we had earlier on in the year read that King Promise was going off social media to finish his album and so for Bankuli to give us update, we are excited. 

For those who do not know Bankuli check out his song “Foreigner” featuring UK artiste Not3s below: 

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