Kofi Jamar Wants Meditation introduced in Schools but Pundit thinks other wise- this is Why.

Gadone records signed artist and currently one of the most sort after new lords in Ghana music Kofi Jamar in a post on social media called upon the government to introduce Meditation in schools in a social media post.

Even though his post did not offend any one, social media responded and it generated a heated discussion on twitter.

Kofi Jamar who just released a new song called They Don’t know, did not stop there, the young rapper shared series of tweets about how people where comparing himself, young Bull Yaw Tog and all other new lords to some established artistes because of their current winning.

On oneplayafrica’s daily entertainment show, pundits reviewed Kofi Jamar’s tweets and his call for meditation to be introduced in our schools.

The pundits also reviewed Kofi Jamar tweet where he spoke about how music fans enjoy the noise and drama and cannot stand the silence.

Watch the full show below as Roland and NYB dissect all his tweets.

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