Yaw Tog’s Sore Remix Ft Stormzy and Kwesi Arthur Still Needed Okenneth! A Tilly Akua Nipaa Review

Ghana has been in high anticipation for Sore Remix ever since Stormzy made a tumultuous entry into Ghana for a remix of young Kumerican artist, Yaw Tog’s Sore.

The original song which featured Okenneth, city boy, Reggie and Jaybahd besides the “y3b3 sore” hook was mostly loved and largely enjoyed because of Okenneth’s verse. The verse albeit simple was one that expressed the pain, friendship, brotherhood, struggle, excitement and the hunger for the breakthrough these artists were looking for which is why most people could connect. In some ways every hustler felt like they were blood niggas with the Kumerican, and this is what was missing in the Remix.

In the remix, Yaw Tog now spoke about how he has made it and rolling with the big fish now; a significant improvement in his situation in the original verse.

Stormzy and Kwei Arthur did not disappoint, however the real struggle that was easily communicated and resonated with the masses with Okenneth’s verse was what was missing in the song.

Sore! Is some form of revival or battle song, for these hustlers to ‘get up’ for their breakthrough ‘whether the car came or not’ so if you all big and living the luxury life as all three rappers said then why Sore?

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