Okese 1 tears Medikal apart for ‘selling’ him out

Okese 1 tears Medikal apart for ‘selling’ him out

Amotia Geng boss, Okese 1 has been engaged in a banter with his fellow group member, Medikal. 

The beef was started by Okese 1 who attacked Medikal for “selling” him out in an instagram live video. According to him, after his brouhaha with Andy Dosty, Medikal went behind him to call Andy Dosty and told him not mind him because he doesn’t respect. 

For him, he felt very bad about it because he met Medikal on the street and offered him help, if Medikal won’t appreciate him, he shouldn’t go round tarnishing his image because he wants to stay relevant and look good in the face of the people. 

According to him, Medikal had messed up but instead of apologising, he was running his mouth. He warned him not to try him, saying he had met his metre. Please watch the video below: 


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