Worlasi’s Throwback Picture is Inspirational

Worlasi’s Throwback Picture is Inspirational

The boss of the Worlarmy, Worlasi, has on his social media handle done a massive throwback that has got people talking.

Throwback thursday as the world calls it is a when social media users or the media take a look in to the past every Thursday. People dive into their past to surprise people with either pictures or videos on how it started and currently.

The picture, above everything is very inspiring and can serve as encouragement for the youth and especially creatives who look up to some people in the industry.

Like Worlasi, Wanlov is also known for alternative music or traditional music which is why it comes as no surprise to see that Worlasi admiring Wanlov as far as 2013 since he represented the path Worlasi is currently on at the time.

Currently Worlasi’s creativity has moved frolm just painting these artists but also becoming a celebrated musician. Listen tgo his Dios EP:

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