The Fante Drill, Review Of Pappy Kojo’s Song 1 Sima

Fante Rapper, Pappy Mojo has released a new Drill tune featuring, Kojo Trip, The Township, Hyndu, Nemsis Loso and Yaw Lucaz called 1 SIMA.

Though spelt 1 sima, in the song, 1 Sima actually means flies, which is pronounced the same way 1sima is. So the caption was coined from the Fante pronunciation of Flies. 

Although the twi drill ever since was championed by the Asakaa guys in Kumasi has also been done severally by some rappers like Joey B, Tulenkey and Medikal in Accra, it sounds very different and interesting with the young Taadi Rappers: Kojo Trip, The Township, Hyndu, Nemsis Loso and Yaw Lucaz.

Listening to the song, you can tell that Pappy Kojo was simply introducing these artists to the rest of Ghanaians since he gave each one of them the platform to display themselves without doing to much to interfere or drive the song to his side.

Click on the link for a full review of the song:

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