Musician Kofi Korea tells how his ‘brother’ Ponobiom betrayed him

The king of the Kasahaere era in the Ghanaian music history, Kofi Korea, during the radio tour for the promotion of his latest single Supuu, has spilt his guts on how Ponobiom betrayed him.

According to Kofi Korea, after he returned from his musical hiatus, he met ponobiom in the recording studio who willingly asked to jump on the beat which Kofi agreed for old time sake. After the song was produced Kofi Korea narrates home tedious and daunting it was for him to get ponobiom for the video  shoot.

He expressed his disappointment in ponobiom since he not only saw him as a colleague but a brother and someone he once gave an opportunity to in the music space. To him, he still has no idea why  Ponobiom put up that lackadaisical behavior with him, however even though he has finish shooting the video without him, he doesn’t mind shooting a new video if Ponobiom wants to foot it.

Click on the link to watch full interview here:

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