“5 Reasons Why Wizkid’s Made In Lagos Album Is Not For Every Music Lover But Die Hards ONLY – (Review)”

“5 Reasons Why Wizkid’s Made In Lagos Album Is Not For Every Music Lover But Die Hards ONLY – (Review)”

Star boy Wizkid known in real life as Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun has over the years churned out many hits such as Caro, Show you the money, Fever, Ojuelegbe, and many others so it was a big deal to his fans when he announced his made in Lagos album this year. 

Made in Lagos was originally scheduled for release on October 15, but WizKid delayed the project to show respect to for activists protesting police brutality in his native Nigeria. 


The idea for October 15 was to celebrate the birthday of Fela Kuti the late Afrobeat Legend but the whole end SARS protests killed the joy and excitement the album would have had if it had dropped on Fela Kuti’s birthday. 

Wizkid FC as his fans are called could not wait for October 30, the new date announced by Wizkid for the Made in Lagos album to be officially out. 

Fans anticipation for the album went up two times than it previously did simply because they have been waiting for a long time and if you waiting for an album from Africa’s Star boy you know the hype will meet the body of work. 

On October 15, Wizkid’s Made in Lagos album was finally out on 11:11pm. The myth behind the time is that when ever it is 11: 11 and you make a wish it will come true. The latter is a world superstition that works for those who believe and use that myth. 

So obviously Wizkid was answering the wish of his fans with the album. After so the long wait, the much waited for Made in Lagos album was out and fans got what they deserve. 

The new Wizkid album received mixed feeling as many on social media tagged the album as Normal. Some Nigerian pundits also called it a great body of work and friends of Wizkid, the likes of Davido, Burna Boy, and others also congratulated him for his beautiful work. 

How ever the majority of fans think that the album is an average one and Wizkid could have done better. 

For all the reasons why you will not like this new album – Made in Lagos by Wizkid, here are five (5) reasons to consider before listening to the album by Wizkid. 

This is OneplayAfrica review of the new Wizkid – Made in Lagos album. 

  1. The album is set in an Afrobeat tune. What we mean is, if the Album had dropped on October 15, a lot of people would have understood the direction for the album. The date does not affect the music, we know that but the direction for the album Is afrobeat one that we know Wizkid is great at. A song like Fever, tells us that Wizkid is staying in his own Afrobeats niche, and with this album, he did the same. 
  2. The Mood for the Album was SLOW JAM. This second point is proved from the first song on the album – Reckless down to Grace the last song of the album. The songs are 80% slow jam sounds, meaning if you not a fan of slow jam or what some call Laid back music you will not appreciate this great body of work. 
  3. Made in Lagos can pass for an alternative Afrobeat album without a doubt. Wizkid is known for commercial success such as ‘Socco’, ‘Nowo’, Azonto, and the lists are endless so for him to toll the line of a slow jam afrobeat takes most of the songs away from the mainstream to the alternative. The album has a niche and it is only people in that circle who can relate 💯 to the songs on the album. 
  4. The Collaborations: All the artists’ features on the album have some slow jam rhythm vibe in them. Names like Damian Marley, HER, Burna Boy, and Ella Mai should tell you that he was from the word go looking at staying in the slow jam, alternative afrobeat kinda album. Burna Boy who just released his album – Twice as Tall also stayed in the lane of slow jam for most of the songs on the album. Ella Mai an RNB award-winning singer, sings mostly slow jam RNB songs. Her hit song Booed up, is a typical RNB slow jam. 
  5. The Productions: Many Fans of wizkid were looking forward to commercial production at a point but they were Swerved. Wizkid stayed in the same BPM range throughout all the songs – meaning if you not a true lover of music the productions might not appeal to you. 

The new Wizkid album is not one that will give your feet something to move to quickly but if you love music and appreciates the arts, you will enjoy this new tape. 

For song arrangement, Wizkid got it right because the songs are arranged to tell you a certain story-musically.

Did the songs on the album tell us why the tape is called made in Lagos – No, but it passes as giving the album originality and giving the artist a trace as an African from Lagos. 

Were we impressed with the album – Yes. Is it something that we can play over and over again – Yes and will it grow to become a mainstream album – No.

We believe that the album will stay as it is – Alternative sound and might not get more than three-four songs standing out giving wizkid the commercial success he had in the past with so many songs. 

In all, this is a great body of work and one that needs attention. Enjoy the brand new album from Wizkid – Made in Lagos Album. 


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