Lyrics In Ghana’s Stonebwoy’s “RUN GO” Song Used to Ask Nigeria Leaders to #ENDSARS – All the Details

The whole continent is singing one song in the midst of all the cautions happening in Africa. For some past weeks now, African countries such as Nigeria and Congo have been in the news for a lot of ‘sad’ reasons. 

While the people of Nigeria are fighting for the end of police brutality and asking for the end of bad governance, it is said that Congo too is bleeding. 

The Youth of Nigeria including their celebrities have been protesting for close to a week and over asking their leaders to come to their aid by putting an end to SARS (A special Anti-Robbery squad) formed by the government. 

After weeks of knocking on the doors of their government, Nigeria Youth are been killed during their peaceful protests in Lagos and so the world is asking one question: ‘Where are the youth in Nigerian going to run go after the leaders “kill” all the youth in Nigeria. 

The latter is a song by Ghanaian Reggae and Afro-dancehall star Stonebwoy. His  2015 Juls produced Song Run Go has become the go to song for all the youth in Africa. 

Every one on social media is asking the same question: ‘Where are we going to run go, after our leaders make our continent a bitter place to live”. 

The song also addresses the fact that all African young people want is a simple life, one that we can get food, shelter and clothing. 

Stonebwoy, the award winning Ghanaian musician and “Put” hit maker also used his song to speak to the leaders in Nigeria during a live band rehearsal. 

Listen to Run GO by Stonebwoy below:

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