FOCUS: Derrick O Boateng From Ghana, the iPhone photographer

FOCUS: Derrick O Boateng From Ghana, the  iPhone photographer

Photography, the art or practice of taking and processing photographs has gone through several changes in Ghana. Once upon time in the country, the family takes a picture when the neighborhood photographer comes around.

The art of taking pictures has changed so drastically that, now, people use mobile phones to take some very beautiful pictures. 

From the film era to memory cards to now mobile phones shows that photography will always be dynamic. 

Talking of dynamic, our OnePlay FOCUS is on a young Ghanaian photographer who became an iPhone photographer through Instagram. 

Derrick O Boateng is a Ghanaian mobile phone photographer. The Kumasi high Senior High School graduate who is now in Ghana Business School is also a fan of soccer and music. 

On his page on Instagram, Derrick shares some very creative, colorful and clean pictures of Ghana. Derrick believes that we can use pictures to change the image of Ghana and Africa as a whole. 

Derrick’s creative process is quite simple and easy. He normally will start from finding a concepts and it normally comes from the environment, People, music, and imaginations. 

He then moves to  search for the needed materials for the pictures and also look for preferable models and locations for the pictures. 

According the self taught iPhone photographer he directs the models and shoot them. After the shoot,Derrick loves to sit quietly and edit.

For Derrick, his unique style is the kind of pictures he brings out with his iPhone. The Ghanaian photographer also believes that a lot of young people are finding interest in photographer and very soon, Ghana will win big with photography. 

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