WORLD FELA DAY Meets END SARS & SMAT in Nigeria: Coincidence or Prophesy

WORLD FELA DAY Meets END SARS & SMAT in Nigeria: Coincidence or Prophesy

October 15 is world Fela Kuti day. The late Nigerian legendary Afrobeat originator was born on that day hence the day is dedicated to the African musical genius all across the continent. 

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This year’s World Fela Day is happening in a year (2020) where the world has seen COVID 19 pandemic, lot of deaths in music generally and now a police brutality in Nigeria. 

The Late Fela Kuti during his hay days was not just a musician, he was an activist and a social commentator who fought for the welfare  and freedom of his people of Nigerian and Africans as a whole. 

His music is not just food to the soul but they are prophesies. Fela Kuti had sang about police brutality in his country for some many years ago so it is not surprising that his great great grand children (musically) are also championing the freedom for their people.

The Late Fela Kuti would have been 82 Years on 15th October 2020 and the question is, would he have been happy with the way things are in Nigeria or he would have joined the protest.

In a video posted on Facebook, the late Fela’s son, Femi Kuti, mentioned that he has been fighting for his people for almost 42 years and still police brutality is still on going. 

It is sad that on the very special day of the great music genius like Fela Kuti, the continent cannot happily celebrate him because we have to support our brothers and sisters in Nigeria to fight for something he has been fighting against so many years ago. 

One will say that it is no coincidence that in 2020 on world fela Kuti day, Nigerian youth are up and doing. It is actually about time that all the fighting the late Fela fought for his people will mean more than just words in music but it will come to pass. 

Happy world Fela Kuti Day, late legend, your great great grand kids are making you proud, on 15th October 2020, the day you would have turned 82years, your children’s children great children’s future is been secured by the legacy you left behind, we hope that makes you happy.

We do this for not ourselves but for tomorrow’s kids – Arise all compatriots, Nigeria call obey. Come on all youth in Nigeria, serve your land. 

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