ORIGINALS: From A Rough Start to A Smooth Ground – The Journey of Wendy Shay AKA Queen Shay

The start of every thing is rough, it is sometimes so difficult to build a momentum on a passion when the odds are against you in the beginning. 

Wendy Shay story is no different as she had a rough kick off into the showbiz game that it almost ‘killed’ her Mojoe to pursue her music. 

Queen shay as she calls herself was first introduced to Ghanaians on stage at the Ghana Music awards stage the very same year her label mate Ebony had just passed.

Many Ghanaians thought that introduction was a wrong move on the part of her label boss Bullet but the harmless songstress took all the blame and bashing for it. Some even said She cannot replace the late Ebony(RIP). 

As if that was not enough, the RuffTown records signee has been in a lot of controversies from ‘dumb question’ to the current one “Ghana Wake up”. 

With all these challenges Wendy Shay had to prove her worth with music and she delivered.

Her first hit single Uber Driver was a good starter. Ghanaians were wowed with the quality of her voice. She then followed up with countless hits singles such as Astalavista, Bed room commando, just to list a few. 

Wendy Shay rose above all criticisms and led the Ghana female musicians with the most hits for any female musician within her first year. 

Not only has Queen shay improved and stamped her feet as the queen of hit songs, she has also grown with her stage performance.

The Ghanaian star was bashed for her lack of stage control but like every good students you get better and yes, the Ghanaian queen did get better. 

The Steven Wonder hit maker has really landed on a smooth ground and is now an icon.

She is an inspiration for most young people in the arts industry. She stops at nothing to get what she wants. People can hate her all they want, she will silent you with a hit single. 

To crown her hard work within her first year, the Ghanaian songstress released a body work – Album. The SHAY ON YOU album released in 2019 is one of the best female albums since 2019 till now.

Enjoy a playlist from Queen Shay powered by OnePlay Africa.

Wendy Shay Astalavista
Bedroom Commando – Wendy Shay
Masakra – Wendy Shay
Wendyshay ft Shatta Wale – Steven Wonder
Wendy Shay Kut it
Wendy Shay ft Bosom P-Yung – Emergency
Wendy Shay – Ghana Boys
Wendy shay – Shay on You.
Wendy Shay – All for You

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